UPDATE: The House bill to increase the minimum wage, HB279, has been assigned a public hearing before the Commerce and Small Business Committee on Wednesday, March 12 at 2:30. Please join us on Wednesday to testify before the Committee. If you can't come to Montgomery, call one of the committee members who isn't supporting the bill and ask for their support:

Rep. Jack Williams, Committee Chair
jack@jackwilliams.org | @RepJack
(205) 862-5041

Rep. Barry Moore, Committee Vice Chair
barry@barrymooreindustries.com | @RepBarryMoore
(256) 331-9895

Rep. Kurt Wallace
representativewallace@gmail.com | @KurtWallace1
(334) 259-4076

Rep. April Weaver
(205) 541-6424

Rep. Richard Baughn
rgbups@gmail.com | (205) 522-1545

Rep. Mack Butler
mack.butler@alhouse.gov | @RepMackButler
(334) 242-7446

Naming the Dallas Avenue Bridge
Howard Walter Gilmore, Metal of Honor Recipient0%
Benjamin Sterling Turner, Alabama's first African-American Congressman0%
Terri Sewell, Alabama's first African-American Congresswoman0%
Amelia Boynton Robinson, civil rights leader0%
William Rufus King, 13th Vice President of the United States0%
Other: (Please specify)0%

Again we rise to face the greatest challenges of our time.  They are local and global. They involve educational success and job creation, individual and community opportunities, the environment and our health, scientific and technological progress, our dignity and human worth. Where others may see problems, we see potential. When the critics doubt, we believe. We know the task before us is great, but we are even more determined. Our dreams are big and our goals are attainable. As long as I can count on you to be a part of this, we will find a way to make progress. No legislator can do it alone. Say that you are in. There is a lot of work to do. Thanks for doing your part.